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Louisiana Multiple District 8

2014 - 2015 MD-8 Council of Governors


Council Chairman

William Arceneaux, PDG

8 - L Governor

Michele Waskom

8 - I Governor

Bob Hollingsworth, PCC

8 - O Governor

Laurie Guillory

8 - N Governor

Jimmy Robert

8 - S Governor

Maranda Trahan

Council Secretary

Cathy Comeaux, PCC

Louisiana Past International Family

Louisiana Lions Camp

2005 - 2007

Robert Eichhorn, PID


1993 - 1995

J. Stan Palmer, PID


1983 - 1985

Sterling C. Diaz, PID


1971 - 1973 

Dominic Carlone, PID


1970 - 1978

*W.L. Wil Wilson, PIEA


Lions Eye Foundation

Cubsite Cub

Our Corporate Sponsor has donated this web space to the Lions of Multiple District 8 - Louisiana in appreciation of the service Louisiana Lions provide

* Wil was hired by Melvin Jones in 1932 in Chicago.  He became treasurer in 1944 and served in that capacity until 1970. From 1970 until 1978 he was the International Executive Administrator, and then retired.  He served as District Governor 8 - L during Lion year 1986 - 1987

Past International Director Stan Palmer

We are very proud to have the guidance and active support of Past International Director Palmer who continually and untiringly serves Louisiana Lionism. Thank you Lion Stan.

email Lion Stan  -

Contact the Site Administrator to report problems, corrections,etc.

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We feel pride and gratitude each time we recite the Pledge of Allegiance at every Lions function as we remember those who gave and who are giving so that we are free to Serve.


This site last updated August 2014

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